A Note About Retractable Leashes — 3 Comments

  1. I wished I had read this blog a week ago. Today I took my 5 month old on his morning walk. Yes on a retractable leash. Like most people, thinking he’s a puppy, let him have space to explore the world. On our way home a squirrel runs across our path. Of course he lunges for it. He had enough loose leash to gain momentum and the leash snapped at his collar. I’m freaking out because we are Close to a busy road. I am so thankful and grateful the squirrel jumped a retainer wall and my pup stopped. I’m forever grateful Marie @mikamar taught me the “name” game. When I called my pups name, he came to me.
    I was blessed today my puppy listened. Thank you Marie for teaching me the name game!

  2. Here is one more reason to add to the list…
    Prior to fencing in our back yard I walked our new puppy (in our back yard) on a retractable leash to allow her some “freedom” Before using the retractable leash she walked very politely on a lead. Using the retractable leash “taught” her to pull and years later it is still work-in-progress to walk her on a comfortable leash without tugging.
    PS It is interesting to note that flexi-leads are not permitted in Brevard, because I see many people around town using them.

    • Yes, I agree. Pulling is reinforced, and behaviors that are reinforced happen more frequently. Thank you for your comment.
      It is interesting…I don’t believe it is common knowledge…and what are the consequences?

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