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Natural Home And Yard



Cedarcide Bug ControlCedarcide – Bug Control

I use Cedarcide in my home to control bugs, it works incredibly well on any type of insect.  Smells like cedar chips and is very strong. I do not use this outdoors, and even though it is pretty natural, you don’t want too much exposure.




Orange Oil – Fire Ants

Outdoor fire ant removal. Mix 2 oz. in 1 gal of water, add a squirt of environmentally friendly dish soap, shake. Pour around the fire ant mound first, then soak the mound. Treat when shady and cool so the ants are near the surface.




Boric Acid – Flea Control

Water soluble boric acid is wonderful to keep fleas out of your home. Works on other bugs that have a similar life cycle. I spray this in my home twice a year. Works quickly and long term! Does not work well outdoors.





Bug Repellent For Pets



Flea & Tick Collar

Herbal flea and tick repellent collar (not for cats)





Flea & Tick Repel

Herbal Spot On to repel fleas and ticks (not for cats)





Flea & Tick Essential Oil

Essential oil flea and tick repellent spray  (please see details for use on cats)





Homeopathic Remedies


Calendula  – Cuts & Scrapes

Calendula gel for cuts, scrapes, skin infections.  For more information, read the blog post on Mind Body Thoughts (Natural Healing Gal)




Calendula Pellets

Calendula pellets for cuts and scrapes.   For more information, read the blog post on Mind Body Thoughts (Natural Healing Gal)




Arnica Montana – Bumps & Bruises

Arnica Montana for bumps and bruises.  For more information, read the blog post on Mind Body Thoughts (Natural Healing Gal)




Ledum PalustreLedum Palustre

Ledum Palustre pellets is for mild bug bites.





apis mellificaApis Mellifica

Ledum Palustre pellets is for bee stings.






Supplements And Pet Foods


Relora – Calming Stress

A great product for calming stress in dogs who are “over the top”, when paired with L-Theanine, can bring stress under threshold, so your dog can learn what you are teaching better. Use in this form only, no other ingredients!





L-Theanine – Use With Relora

Pair this with Relora for a gentle calm effect to help your “reactive” dog learn easier.





Dogzymes Probiotic

One of the best pet probiotics I have found. I have been using this for many years. Dogs love the taste, and I sprinkle it on water to get them to drink more. I mix this with food grade DE during the summer months.





Intestinal Parasites

Food grade Diatomaeous earth removes any type of intestinal parasites.






Natural Dog Chew Toy

X large Himalayan Yak chew. My dogs love these!! Simple ingredients.






Freeze Dried Chicken Dog Food

Vital Essentials freeze dried chicken dog food grain free, gluten free.






Freeze Dried Duck Dog Food

Vital Essentials freeze dried Duck dog food, grain free, gluten free







Luke, The Miracle Dog

Luke’s book is a story of love, courage, and many talented people assisting in his recovery. But the biggest reason Luke is alive today is his stubborn refusal to give up and ongoing struggle to live. He truly is a miracle dog.





Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments – a really good guide.  It is very helpful to use single remedies and water doses (see blog posts)




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