zumba classForget the tedious drudgery of a treadmill. Working out can be so much more fun! Zumba fitness is a fun-filled, exciting workout that combines Latin dancing (like salsa, cha cha and meringue) with cardio and interval training for a full-body, rhythmic workout. Some modern dance is also used!

It is all about fun, music, great people, and a super instructor named David LeBrun. David is the life of the party, he loves Zumba, and his enthusiasm truly shines! He is a great motivator! He chooses the best songs…like “Konsey” by J. Perry and “Subeme La Radio” by Enrique Inglesias… and he will entertain you and keep you smiling so you will forget you are working out. Recently,  I heard a student say “His class is like watching a show!” Get ready to move, laugh and have a blast! The class runs for approximately one hour and goes by quickly!  Look for his guest blog posts on fitness, coming soon.


Dance Your Way To Fitness

Dance your way to fitness with one of the best all-around workouts you can find. Take it easy, or go all out! No need to be a “good dancer” here. Zumba is for everyone. It does not matter whether you go left or right as long as you keep moving to keep your heart rate up, and don’t knock anyone down! Once you learn the main steps by following David, it is easy to remember as they repeat often. Bring your own style, loosen up, get your booty shakin’, wave your arms around, and remember to shout and holler as often as you want! No pressure, dance as you like it!

Gain balance, overall fitness, stamina, confidence, shed pounds, burn a tremendous amount of calories … and it really does help those of us who do agility or any another sport. If you have a Fitbit, you can reach 7,000-10,000 steps in one hour!


About Our Facility

Being outdoors for Zumba adds another dimension. We are protected, under cover, with an open-sided pavilion. Breathe in fresh air. Dance under the stars with a cool breeze in winter. Work up more of a sweat in summer. The sand surface has enough “give” to minimize impact on your knees, but dancing in the sand can also challenge your workout. Plus, a brand new, high powered fan will be coming to our pavilion soon!

Bring your friends and join the fun!


What You Need To Bring

  • Comfortable jogging or walking sneakers
  • Lots of water
  • Comfortable light clothing
  • A towel
  • A big smile and a fun attitude
  • Bring your friends and join the fun!




  • $5 per class





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Work Is Play and Play is Work!